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Get on-demand course access to your teams. Track and monitor your team's performance from your customised dashboard.

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Team Tracking & Management

We have designed simple and intuitive interface that tracks performance of your team. Get the maximum ROI on your teams.

View Complete Result

You can view the complete result and grade for every team member from your admin dashboard. You can view and download your team's performance reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The Whizlabs for Business Team Plan is priced as an annual subscription at $99 (in USD) per person per year and payment is due in full, upfront. A minimum of 5 users is required for purchase. For more details, view our pricing page here.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes. You can pay monthly subscription.

Can I buy for 1-4 users?

Whizlabs Business plan requires minimum of 5 users to create your account.

How is team plan different from my personal account on

Whizlabs Business plan users are linked to their company group. Their enrolment and payment details are managed by their company admin. Whizlabs personal accounts are created by individuals and not linked to any company's group.

Can I add more users during my subscription?

Yes. You can add user at any time after creating your Whizlabs Business account.